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Premises liability essentially means that, when a property owner or manager fails to ensure that his or her property is safe and free of hazards, he or she can be held liable for injuries that are sustained on the property, regardless if it is a business or privately owned land.

If you were injured on someone else’s property as a result of the landowner’s negligence, the Kansas City premises liability lawyers at Presley & Presley, LLC can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Backed by over 30 years of legal experience, you can be confident in our legal team’s in-depth knowledge of Missouri law and ability to effectively navigate any legal complexities in your case.

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Common Premises Liability Cases

There are numerous types of premises liability cases, and a wide range of injuries fall under this area of practice. Some of the most common types of premises liability cases include:

What Duties Do Property Owners Owe to Guests or Visitors?

Liability in such cases stems from the fact that property owners owe guests and visitors a duty of care. Typically, this means that the person or persons who are in control of a premises are required to use reasonable care in maintaining it to ensure that it is in a reasonably safe condition. As such, they must either identify and repair any dangers on the premises, or warn guests and visitors of any known dangers.

To succeed in a premises liability case, an injured guest or visitor must demonstrate:

  • That a dangerous condition existed
  • That the landowner or person in control of the premises was aware or should have been aware of the dangerous condition
  • That the landowner or person in control of the premises neglected to remove, remedy, or warn visitors and guests of the hazard
  • As a result of this negligence, the guest or visitor was injured

Generally, landowners only owe a duty of care to invitees or licensees. An invitee is an individual who either has the express or implied permission of the landowner to enter the property. A licensee has either the express or implied permission of the landowner to enter the property, and is entering it for his or her own purposes.

While trespassers are generally not afforded any protections since they are not authorized to be on the property, in some cases, a landowner might owe a trespasser a duty of care. For example, if the trespasser was a child, a duty of care would exist to avoid a reasonably foreseeable harm to children.

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