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Should You Sue the Truck Driver or the Company?

Should You Sue the Truck Driver or the Company?

If you were injured in a car accident by a negligent truck driver, you and the passengers involved likely face moderate to severe, life threatening injuries. In fact, statistically, many trucking accidents that occur on the road lead to fatalities due to the sheer size of the truck. After suffering through this tragedy, you may want to seek justice from the truck driver who carelessly harmed you and your loved ones. In this blog, our Kansas City injury lawyer discusses the options available to you.

As mentioned above, many people feel they want justice to be served against the driver that caused the accident, so naturally they think they should file a lawsuit against him or her. At Presley & Presley, LLC. we understand that justice can feel good after suffering through serious injury, but the goal of filing a personal injury claim is to recover enough compensation to cover all future and current medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. While the individual truck driver may have insurance, the path to yielding the most compensation would be to investigate the corporation. Truck drivers are often pressured to meet unrealistic deadlines and drive for unhealthy amounts of time. This can lead them to speed, bypass safety inspection procedures and forego proper resting breaks. Our team can launch full investigations into the company employing the driver to determine whether the employer was negligent for their employee’s actions. It is important to note there may be some instances where it may be appropriate to sue the truck driver. For example, if the driver was an independent contractor, their contract may absolve the corporation of any responsibility in their accident.

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