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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Should You Sue the Truck Driver or the Company?

    If you were injured in a car accident by a negligent truck driver, you and the passengers involved likely face moderate to severe, life threatening injuries. In fact, statistically, many trucking accidents that occur on the road lead to fatalities due to the sheer size of the truck. After suffering through this tragedy, you may want to seek justice from the truck driver who carelessly harmed you ...
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  • Truck Driver Hours of Service Limits & Personal Injury Cases

    Every year , thousands of people are injured or killed by negligent truck drivers on the road. In a study published by the FMCSA, the percentage of crashes due to fatigue that occurs between hour 12 and 16, jump from 10% to 25%. Currently, there are regulations in place that legally define how many consecutive hours commercial truck drivers can work in a day and during the week to ensure their ...
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  • Summer Months Bring High Risk of Diving Accidents

    Due to the warmer weather, the months of June, July and August generally see an uptick in diving injuries. According to a decade-long study performed by the Shepherd Center, diving is the fourth leading cause of paralyzing spinal cord injury, with over 800 people a year suffering diving injuries. Diving injuries are generally sustained by young adult males and are totally preventable. Public ...
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  • Commercial Truck Driver DUI Accidents

    Commercial truck drivers, bus drivers and other commercial license holders are held to more stringent standards for drinking and driving. Large 18-wheeler trucks can cause more damage than a passenger vehicle in an accident and take more coordination to drive, which is why the legal limit for commercial drivers is half of what it is for non-commercial drivers. If a negligent truck driver injured ...
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  • What To Do After an ATV Accident

    Whether you are riding an ATV for sport, leisure or for work, understanding proper safety and handling of the vehicle is important before hitting the dirt. Unfortunately, not everyone takes proper care to learn this valuable information. If you or someone you know was injured while riding an ATV by a negligent third party, or if you sustained your injuries from a defective ATV, a skilled Kansas ...
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  • Moving Truck Accidents

    For many individuals, moving can be an exciting time rife with the possibility of new opportunities for friendship, work and activities. For others, it can be stressful and chaotic to box up belongings into a rented truck or commercial moving company’s truck and leave their home behind. Amidst the chaos, there’s the possibility of the movers being involved in an accident. For victims injured by a ...
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  • Who Is At Fault in a Truck Accident?

    When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, whether it is a passenger vehicle or a commercial vehicle such as a big-rig or eighteen-wheeler truck, determining liability is necessary. However, you should know that finding fault in a truck accident , it is difficult to say that one or the other driver is 100% at fault for causing the accident. More than likely, each driver contributed ...
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  • Presley Wins Big in Tractor-Trailer Collision Lawsuit

    July 29, 2004, started like any other day for Delbert Sanders. He was on the job driving his pickup truck between farms for Tyson Foods on Highway 60. But, as he neared the exit for State Highway 25, his life was about to change. The Accident As traffic slowed, a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of Sanders’ truck, knocking him into several vehicles. His truck was crushed and burst into ...
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