Representing People Who Have Been Wrongly Injured

When Air Ambulances Go Wrong

Emergency medical helicopters can be lifesavers when someone is severely injured and needs to be transported faster than conventional ground alternatives can manage.

Aviation Accidents: Rare but Complex and Costly

Unfortunately, as with any form of transportation, there are attendant risks. And as we saw in St. Louis’ recent medical helicopter crash, sometimes those risks can be deadly. Aviation accidents can be extremely complicated, with a number of potential causes including mechanical errors, pilot error, defective equipment or design, repair problems, lack of maintenance and more.

Whether pilot or passenger, if you or a family member has been in an aviation accident, finding the right attorney to handle an aviation claim is key, and not many attorneys have the breadth of experience and the expertise you need to win. Read on to find out what to look for.

What to Look For in an Aviation Claim Attorney

If you’re considering filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit after an aviation accident, you need an attorney with a couple of major qualifications. A history of success in aviation claims. Because of the complex nature of aviation claims, you need an attorney who knows what to look for, where to look for precedent, and how to present a case.

A team of expert witnesses. Many different fields of expertise go into building a case for an aviation claim, including accident reconstruction, metallurgy, avionics and beyond. You need an attorney with good relationships with experts in all potential fields in order to build the best case for your claim.

Aviation Claims with Presley & Presley

If you or a family member has been involved in an aviation accident and suffered personal injury or worse, Presley & Presley can help. We have the experience and team of experts who can help you receive compensation for your losses. We were lead discovery counsel which resulted in a total recovery excess of $12 million following a LifeNet helicopter crash in 2011. We understand what’s at stake, and we can help. For more information about personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits related to aviation accidents, give us a call at 816-931-4611 or toll free at 855-931-4611. We’re here to help.