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A rollover accident is a frightening and dangerous experience for all involved. They can cause catastrophic damages and sometimes result in consequences such as ejection from a car. Have you or someone you loved been the victim of such an accident that was not your fault?

When negligent drivers injure other road users, the victims should not have to pay their own medical costs. Especially in rollover accidents, the damages are likely to be extensive. Those involved may need specialized care and/or long-term rehabilitation. We want to help you win the compensation you need to access the best treatment.

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Factors in Rollover Accidents

Most rollover accidents involve SUVs and crossovers due to their higher center of gravity and narrower track width. While some are caused by driver negligence, others are simply caused by a shift in the car’s center of gravity. When a change there coincides with the car hitting something that “trips” it, like a pothole or the unpaved shoulder of a road, a rollover becomes likely. Mechanical failures can also be the inciting incident in these crashes.

Rollover accidents are often caused by factors including:

  • Pre-existing high center of gravity
  • Tire failure
  • Defective suspension
  • Poor road conditions
  • Turning at high speeds
  • Vehicle losing traction and going into a skid or spin

Our Rollover Accident Attorneys Have Won Hundreds of Millions

Whether your accident was caused by a negligent driver or a design defect, Presley & Presley, LLC is ready to start an investigation, collect the evidence necessary to establish the cause, and determine the at-fault party. With hundreds of millions of dollars recovered on behalf of our clients, we have helped many rollover accident victims get back on their feet after a serious injury.

If you’ve been hurt, you deserve skilled and compassionate attorneys on your side. We can provide a personalized strategy to help you pursue the compensation you are owed.

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